Germany’s economic slow dawn and Europe’s future

xetcruyboim As of last month, and via the published economic result of second quarter, Germany’s economic growth has fell down by as much as 5.8 %. This is a new low as far as 5 years ago, since 2009.

As it seams, the Europe economy is back to the shaky waters after 2008 economic melt down. This is even without Russia cutting economic ties with the big conglomerates in Germany.

The main reason was the decline in export to the nun-EU countries. You may attribute that to drop in sells to Russia and countries under Russian influence. Lake of fate in the European contract after the “mistrial” debacle. African bad socio-economic situation regarding the Libyan destability and new Ebola scare.

The American situation isn’t that promising either. The all new electric cars of BMW and VW, are also late to the party. Specially in the North American market after Tesla’s regulationary hijacking. Maybe the TTIP can help the big German companies to colonize the North American market as they did the eastern European market. We can all sit and wait.

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