The beautiful nature in Switzerland Country in Fall Season

In the beginnig of early years of 21 centuries , the symptoms of civilization , has been combined with increasing the buildings and urban skyscrapers , and sequently progressing the hinterland developement of cities , causes destroying the nature…..

The people capture all the nature from top of the mountains till the heart of the nature in every place

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the people destroy the forests and make the wooden materials of buildings ……

the people capture the rivers and consume the water of them , and most of the rivers make dry after years …..

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But The Autumn , Comes up with the magic colors every year , the Autumn is the portray of the beauties which has been created by God

In these Pictures , the beautiful nature in Switzerland country in Fall Season….


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9 Responses

  1. Mohammad says:

    Very beautiful

  2. mina says:

    very beautifull

  3. maryam says:

    ooh very good

  4. Elham says:

    veryyyyyy goodddddd

  5. abdolaziz says:

    That,s very beautiful

  6. mansoureh says:

    Oh so beautiful unbealiveable

  7. mansoureh says:

    The pic is uniqe

  8. mansoureh says:

    Thanks it is good but is awaiting moderate in front of switzerlands varations

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