Funny and Bizarre way of saying sorry

0786292fa4As you can see in the picture, there is a guy who is wearing a sign saying “I’m sorry that I lied”.

This picture was taken by another British man who took it couple of years ago in a chilly autumn night in the city center of Manchester city.

They said that they’ve laughed and giggled while seeing the scene. But, abuse, is a very serious matter in society. As you may know, partners’ abuse can be divided into two categories: “1-Physical abuse 2-Mental abuse”. Both of these can be against human right of the person subjected to abuse.

While it is necessary to have an open mind and also have this in mind that this incidence might just be a “drunken game or just a dare”; because as the witnesses said, him and a young lady got together and went back to an apartment, it is also important to remember that a cruel and unconventional punishment isn’t always a middle ages method. Hanging a sign on a grown man, can also been assumed as a cruel and unconventional punishment.

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