Don’t drink carbonated drinks in 7 below reasons

1. consuming beverage (soft drink) causes the rate of blood pressure .

The English and American scholars studied on a statistic society of 2500 persons , about the losses of drinking beverages to body .

they resulted that consuming every can of soft drinks causes regularely increasing in the rate of blood pressure .

The scientists believe that the extra sugar in blood causes changing the normal situation  of vessels and the rate of salt in body .

The American heart association claims that Anybody shouldn’t consume more than 3 cans of 355 ml of soft drinks.

2. Consuming beverage causes difficulty for digesting the food .

The doctors believe that consuming soft drinks for the purpose of digesting foods is completely mistake and this belief has the reverse effect for digestion .

3. Consuming beverage , increases the attacks risk . The continuous and regular consuming beverages causes 61 % percent increasing attacks risk .

4. Consuming beverage causes the osteoporosis (hollowness of the bones )

5. Consuming beverage is the main factor of tooth decay

6. Consuming beverage increases the probablity of catching pancreatic Cancer .

7. Consuming beverage increases the probablity of catching the kidney stones .


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