Everybody wishes be in these beautiful houses

Maybe , everybody looks at these colorful houses , wishes to have a similar one of them But owning these houses have its difficulties .

The owner must try hardly to keep them clean and new .

When the modern cities appear to present form , and filled up everywhere with smoke and traffic , the view of buildings changed to dark and gray .

To show less air pollution and smoke , in the external views of buildings , But there are still sime people risking to make colorful houses .

The Musical home : This beautiful and colorful  house is in the city of  ”Dresden” of Germany , and the Gutters shaped like musical instruments . hearing the passage of water from Gutters , and make the visitors feel enjoying.

musical house 1


musical house 2


This Colorful and beautiful street is in Istanbul , Turkey

This house with the unique paintings is located in Vilnius , Lithuania and seems such as a beautiful gallery .

The ”Handert Vaser ” house was built by him in 2000 in Vienna , Australia. This Building has 105 apartments , and its specification is an integrated and colorful design

beautiful houses c


beautiful houses d


beautiful houses e


beautiful house f


beautiful houses g


beautiful houses h



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