Exceptional and valuable Apartment In Tehran

Apartment with a value of 17 billion tomans in Tehran . this complex building has 13 floors.

this building has made in the style of neo-classical and it’s structure is concrete, The 10-storey residential floors , and in total , there are 9 unit .

The joint construction of this building involves Furnished lobby (300 m^2 square meters) , the community hall , pool , sauna , Jacuzzi , cold water pool , children’s pool , bodybuilding hall , massage parlor , which located in 3 floors.

The parking of this complex has the capacity of 27 cars , which every unit has 3 parking spaces

The Complex pricing is 30 milion tomans per meter valued.

you see the sample unit in below pictures , with the area of 435 m^2 and the total value of 17 billion tomans is located in the 3th floor, has 4 bedroom and 1 master bedroom , 1 workroom , a guest  suite , a baby room , 5 bathrooms , 6 rest rooms , one kitchen , breakfast space , pantary , laundry room , and 20 m^2 balcony.









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