Filband Village The Lost Paradise and the roof of mazandaran

Filband is one of the highest bungalow villages of MazandaranProvinces , which is located in the south of Babol and the high of this village is 2700 meters above the level of sea ….
You may see all of the phenomena atmosphere , in a day long , in the spring and fall , such as clouding , fog , rain snow and hail and sunny without any spot cloud …..


filband1 filband2 filband3


the climate variability , beauty of nature , strange and amazing landscapes can be seen only In Filband Village
The people of this region are so strong and full bodied , this is because of cunsuming the water of fountains which is contained of enough flouride ….
Potato is agricultural product of this region …. The closest road is a meander road begins from Filband and 45 Kms long and reaches to 25 Kms Of Amol road and joins to Haraz Road

filband4 filband5 filband6 filband7

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19 Responses

  1. Mohammad says:

    This is the my dream.

  2. merry says:

    Thank you

  3. mary says:

    Babol city snd filband village were exellent. Very beautiful

  4. saba says:

    Very good

  5. Reza says:

    Really beautiful

  6. Behnoush says:

    That waaas great!wonderfull actually

  7. zahra says:

    Very good

  8. dina says:

    I can’t explain this BEautiful place

  9. fahimeh says:

    very nice

  10. M. Jahangiri says:

    Thanks for your nice picture. I have never heard about this place.

  11. naeimi says:

    it is a good web
    but please pay attention toThe spelling of words
    like :
    1- cunsuming = consuming
    2- flouride = fluoride

  12. naghme says:

    So beutifol

  13. Babak says:



  14. dina says:

    Oh my god so nice place for thinking

  15. ilia says:

    i saw there . it was fantactic. it sounds aclaod lake

  16. Ardalan says:


  17. Ardalan says:

    very good

  18. husain says:

    It is fantastiv

  19. fahimeh says:

    very nice and beautiful

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