Make Purify the home air by these plants

The NASA researchers , has exposured the various domestic plants to chemical materials in the aim of improving the quality of life of astronauts at the international space station ( ISS) , to check the ability of these plants to eliminate air pollution .

During the 2 years NASA researching , a list of domestic plants , with the ability of purifying the house air , and removal of toxic pollutants were produced for the house and office environment .

The contaminated materials has been used in the production of various products such as : color in the buildings , glue , carpet , foam , fire proofing materials .

The Result of these researching shows that some of the house hold plants have ability to filter or impressive removal of toxic absorb 90 percent of toxic materials in 24 hours .

some of these plants are in below

Aloe vera-Iris-Bamboo-Sunflower – Begonia , Chrysanthemum.


Aloe Vera









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