Pierre Omidyar webmaster of ebay site

Forbes magazine , publishes the list of richest people in the world , each year

this year, this magazine done an interesting action , and has published a list of 200 persons which are the richest in the world , by equivalent value of assets at different periods of time

the first person in this list which introduced as the richest man is Changiz Khan with value of 417 milliard .

Unlike the imagination of the most people of Iran , this rating is assigned for  Pierre Omidyar , the manager (webmaster ) of ebay site



Pierre Started up the ebay site in 1995 for entertainment purposes

but after a short time , this site changed to one of the biggest and the most profitable internet sites



Ebay is called as the first internet auctions site

this site has 6000 employee and the rate of income of this was 445 milion dollars in 1995

Pierre was born in 1967 in France-Paris

His Father is Iranian and his mother is French . His Family emigrate to America , when he was 6 years old

He was educated in Tufts university

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