The Girl Became famous by her mother’s creativity

The Girl Became famous by her mother’s creativity ….

Queenie Liao , is an artist and she has 3 children …. She has exhibited the children’s dreams by creativity…..

She has made the background by the art combination and imagination in photography by using the simple cloth , animals , moon , stars , and ………….

Each part of paintings is unique and has a seprate and excited scenario…..

a b c d e f g h i j

these pictures has been severly welcomed in cyberspace ….. some scenarios has been explained in below

k l m n o p q r

the child is climbing the ladder among the clouds and trying to pick up stars near the moon ….

Some white doves are carrying the child to the ideal palace…..

the child is in the form of Tarzan in the forest near the animals

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312 Responses

  1. moaz says:

    Very nice

  2. tavakoli says:

    Aali bud

  3. lale says:

    Hiii.all pictures and all majiors are very good.l hope go to travel .l need this

  4. fereshteh says:

    very good

  5. fariba says:

    Very good

  6. Bita says:

    Very very nice. Thank you

  7. azam says:

    C’est tres jolie et tres argeable .merci

  8. hosein says:

    Veri gooooooddddd

  9. ava says:


  10. hajar says:

    Very beutifull .

  11. ela says:

    so amazing

  12. reza says:

    You are free think and free flight to world children
    Very nice

    Thank you

  13. Mohammad says:

    Exactly, nice

  14. Mohammad says:


  15. Sorour says:

    Very like

  16. reyhane says:

    Verey verey gooood

  17. fatemeh says:

    Thanks there were excellent

  18. L-N says:

    Woooow. Excellent.!!!!!! I don’t know what to say. That’s sooooo beautiful. Kiss your baby for me

  19. fereshte says:

    Its very biutifull

  20. dina says:

    Those pictures was very nice and seen his mother ability bravo

  21. negar says:

    I love it

  22. solmaz says:

    It was really great and incredible. I appreciate her for taking time to create like this. I wish I could be a mother one day.

  23. farshad says:


  24. omid masiha says:

    So beautiful

  25. fatii says:


  26. samira says:

    So beautiful , I love your ideas

  27. Bahareh says:

    Your art is wonderful and fantastic I enjoyed from that

  28. javad says:

    Tanks for you…very very good.

  29. Nahid says:

    Hi very beautiful. And nice

  30. Neda says:

    What a great mother!

  31. Alma says:

    Veryyyyyyyyyyyyy Nice

  32. مژگان says:

    Vaaaghean benaazam khalaghiyate4o

  33. saji says:

    That’s great.
    The kind of art that queenie presents to the colorful world of children is also attractive to adults like me!

  34. kourosh says:

    I like this creation by mother and her girl.

  35. zohre says:

    Congrate very beautifull

  36. nazi says:

    Very nice ..
    Her mother is the best ..
    Like ..

  37. eli says:

    It was exiting

  38. Vajiheh says:

    Very nice

  39. Reza says:

    unique, fantastic , Never Seen before

  40. Niloofar says:

    The pictures waz veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy beautiful

  41. hossein says:

    It was so beautiful, I hope to make progress

  42. kamal.iran says:

    Very nice…good…

  43. amin says:

    Its perfect . Very good idea

  44. fateme says:

    Bahal bood…

  45. vida says:

    So beautiful.

  46. elham says:

    Hello your idea is very very excellent
    I enjoy it

  47. azad says:

    Perfect …..

  48. jahan says:

    Very good

  49. Ashraf.adili says:

    I, m proud of u.

  50. Farahnz says:

    It was beautiful.I wish I had seen them before. Then I would know whatelse i could do with my chidRen.

  51. Elmira says:

    Very very nice

  52. zohre says:

    Very nice,intresting,best pictures

  53. sahar says:

    Very very good

  54. parisa says:

    Very very beautiful and I have enjoyed

  55. Maryam ghazvini says:

    Very very v………….gooooood

  56. ehsan says:


  57. Sepideh says:

    Very very nice

  58. zahra says:


  59. mota says:

    wow.very beautiful

  60. mansoor says:

    Very beauty

  61. Marzieh says:


  62. Marzieh says:

    I love kids, when i look at the faces of the children, i’m flying without wings, maybe ,everybody’s looking for that something,one thing that makes it all complete!

  63. Marjan says:

    I hope your girl will be like you.

  64. soophia says:

    Very nice

  65. atefe says:

    Very beautifuol

  66. shadi says:


  67. Taraneh says:


  68. fariba says:

    So great…

  69. dyako says:

    Theyare very good

  70. narges rashidi says:

    So beautiful and interesting, it was the first time I’ve seen some thing like these, good luck dear

  71. azam says:

    Very nice
    You are really creative!!!

  72. soheila says:

    It is very excellent . I think we must learn from this mother beacase of my child . I enjoy and also learn . s,

  73. fariba says:

    Very nice

  74. mehrnoush says:

    Perfect.1000 like for this mother

  75. Hediyeh says:

    Hi very nice

  76. lada.mrz says:


  77. lada.mrz says:

    number one

  78. bahareh says:

    Very nice…

  79. Helen says:

    Nice my baby

  80. sara says:

    Very very nice
    Tank you
    You are good mather
    Im from iran

  81. zahra says:

    Very good

  82. mohadeseh says:

    very intersting

  83. elnaz says:

    Veri nice

  84. Noushin says:

    It’s so beautiful

  85. sarah says:


  86. fateme says:

    Very nice

  87. mohsen says:

    Good .very good

  88. sara says:

    Biiiiiiiiiig liiiiiiiiiiiiike

  89. zari says:

    Their very nice.bravo

  90. parinaz says:

    Very nice.

  91. mahin says:


  92. parvane says:

    Excellent… I cant say anything

  93. nilufar says:

    Aliiiiii bud aliiii:***

  94. nilufar says:

    Aliiiiii iii bud aliiii:***

  95. sepideh says:

    thank you

  96. mina says:

    You are perfect

  97. saba says:


  98. Setare says:

    Very very nice….

  99. Shahla Baghery says:

    All pictuer are very very butifull

  100. hosna says:

    Thanx ‘

  101. kati says:

    i love the so nice..

  102. elahe says:

    big like

  103. faezeh says:

    It is very very very nice

  104. mahdiyeh says:

    It’s so interesting idea

  105. elaheh says:


  106. me2 says:

    Wow,so wonderful!
    Good job!dude

  107. atie latif says:


  108. lida says:

    Very intresting and beautifull

  109. shideh says:

    It was very nice.

  110. Ati says:

    It is really beautiful
    I think this mother must be proud of herself because she is a wonderful artist

  111. azadeh khandan says:

    Omg perfect

  112. amir says:

    Very nice

  113. soheila says:

    Yery good

  114. natasha says:


  115. Sara says:

    Very good

  116. pouran says:

    Veri good

  117. Zahra says:

    There were fabulous .

  118. siamak says:

    very nice

  119. eli says:

    Very beautiful

  120. H.H says:

    Very very good and perfect!

  121. Bloom says:

    Wooooooooooow . Very very nice

  122. farnoosh says:

    very wonderfull u r verysmartand kind mother i wish the all the best things for u . im iranian

  123. azam says:

    Very nice.and so much beuty

  124. zahra says:


  125. neisan says:

    So beauty and fantastic

  126. shima says:

    I’m really surprised You’re so creative. Hello to you

  127. leila says:

    Very very gooòooood

  128. fatemeh says:

    Thats exelent .fabulos fantastic great .i injoy it

  129. Mohammadali says:


  130. Vida:-) says:

    That was wonderful. I really love them.

  131. mojgan says:

    Your baby is beautiful you create 3 dimensional

  132. hadi says:

    Very good

  133. elham says:

    zamayzing very beautiful

  134. Fereshte hassani says:

    Very nice
    And perfect
    Is interesting

  135. sahereh says:

    heee,funny, he had slept in all picture.

  136. h.r says:

    These pictures are so beautiful & interesting. My love illustratin & i work for children. Children illustration.Thanks for your creativity.

  137. nazi says:

    I really enjoyed wat ching these nice pictures weldone iappreciate you

  138. Maesum says:

    Very very nice

  139. Zahra says:

    It is very nice & adorable
    Thank you

  140. Elham Heydari says:


  141. yohanna says:

    Very very nice…..thats good

  142. simin says:

    This pictures is very butiful thank you

  143. Rana madhi says:

    Kheili jaleb bood

  144. maryam says:

    vere nais

  145. Sara Haghsheno says:

    They’re awesome.

  146. Maryam says:

    Its amazing

  147. hanieh says:

    Ooh,IT’S VRERY very GOod.

  148. sara says:

    i have never seen this before, fantastic. i cant say anything

  149. Atena says:


  150. saeed says:

    It was beautiful.
    Congratulations to you.
    It was great.

  151. Zohreh says:

    Hi these picture are very beautifull I like them thank you for this noce creativity

  152. maryam says:


  153. Sami Poolad says:

    amazing …

  154. paria says:

    Very good.excellent.

  155. tiyam says:

  156. Hanieh says:

    Just a mother can do something wonderful like that…

  157. Shamila Vahidi says:

    It’s very beautiful.

  158. Ca.saman says:

    Verry good

  159. dorsa says:

    Perfect nice and so good

  160. Nader says:

    Very nice

  161. Nader says:

    Only art the best

  162. parastoo says:

    Is the best mother and this picturs are very nice.

  163. Hasan says:

    So good
    So prefect

  164. marym says:

    It is very good
    Thanks for this very nice mom

  165. Farid says:

    Amazing . U r smart mother….. we enjoyed see ur gallery…bless ur baby

  166. samane says:

    Si thanks

  167. foroozan says:

    Hello, l’d liked these creativity,
    I realy enjoyed looking them…
    Plese send me mor, to learn
    Thanks a lot

  168. soheila says:

    Awesome. They are one of the most interesting pictures l’ve ever seen.

  169. Saeid says:

    You have a beautiful mind.

  170. Ali says:

    Very good,

  171. fatima_ms says:


  172. fatima says:

    a am from iran

  173. azam says:

    thank you
    very good

  174. shayeste says:

    Tanke you

  175. sanaz says:


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  177. elahe says:

    Vrey nice.

  178. eli says:


  179. abolfazl says:

    Hi & respect..your girl is love.she is moon of your life & your home like my baby.

  180. Marjan says:

    Very cretive person i wish i could see her in the pictures too. Nice job

  181. jaleh says:

    It’s very nice. Very good

  182. Mary says:

    so beautiful
    creative MOM

  183. amin says:

    Very Very Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiike

  184. zahra says:


  185. ali says:


  186. avaa says:

    Thanks,,, veryyy veryy gooooooooodd

  187. flower says:

    We’re so excellent

  188. javad says:

    Very very nice

  189. Mansour says:

    It was very fantastic

  190. hamid says:

    Wooow it’s very nice

  191. Behzad says:

    Really unbelievable

  192. Mehdi says:


  193. kamyab says:

    That was great

  194. Atefe Moradi says:

    Its very intresting .I congratulations to this creatively mom.

  195. Mary says:

    That was excelent wonderful &amazing

  196. nozhat says:

    So biuty,prfct, are u gerafist?

  197. mehrdad asilmand says:

    big like your website

  198. rouzbeh says:

    Woo0w…..very very beautiful

  199. هلو says:

    alibooooooooood khealy doset daram i love you booooooooooooooss

  200. J-B says:


  201. Amin says:


  202. Morteza says:

    Hi . They are very beautiful pictures. I appreciate your innovation . I think everyone enjoy the pictures. I wait for next pictures of your beautiful girl.

  203. نشاط says:

    very very nice

  204. Maryam says:

    Hi, very fantatic, she is a good mother

  205. Pany says:

    it’s just awsome…. what a lucky child with this creative mother <3

  206. nasser says:

    Very good

  207. narges says:

    Bi nazir bod

  208. zeinab says:

    So good
    I like your imagination idea and I hope your child be an artist seems you
    Be wonderful

  209. morteza says:

    Good …verygood

  210. mahin navid says:

    afarin be in madare khallagh, tasvirha besyar jaleb va honarmandaneh khalgh shodeh, baz ham afarin o sad afarin

  211. Yassin says:

    Very nice and amazing pic.

  212. leyla says:

    Big like

  213. zohre says:

    Excellent….that’s a great idea…good luck…..

  214. maryam says:

    Thos were so qute♥♥♥

  215. fariba says:

    hi very good & BEAUTIFUL .perfect

  216. elis says:

    very beautiful

  217. محبوبه says:

    Very nice very good

  218. mahdi says:

    Very good

  219. narges says:

    hi.i love it.likeeeeeee

  220. mansoureh says:

    That is so fanastic

  221. mansoureh says:

    I enjoyed very much

  222. Neda says:

    Excellent…….realy so nice…..

  223. asal says:

    It was wonderful. Smart, creati’ve mam,s

  224. Z.kasmaei says:

    Picturs were amaising

  225. marjan says:

    Very nice….very good

  226. مريم says:

    Hello,is very very beautful

  227. Mostafa Jamshidian says:

    Good girl
    Butifol moder

  228. Majid heidari mri says:

    If baby was weakup it was very better.
    But there pic are very butifull.

  229. Hooriya says:

    SO nice

  230. Atessa says:

    Very nice

  231. reza says:

    Rozhan khanoomi is very good

  232. Shabnam says:


  233. Mohsen says:

    Very nice…

  234. mojgan kiani says:

    Very good.

  235. amin says:

    Very vert god

  236. Mohammd says:

    Very Beautiful
    Very Creatively
    Very Sweet
    Very Proffessional

  237. eli says:

    Very nice…,

  238. Arash says:

    Very nice

  239. Marjaneh says:

    Wow very beautiful

  240. Marjaneh says:

    Queenie Liao you are the best creative artist I have ever seen congrats

  241. mahboobeh says:

    very very ……… nice

  242. samin says:

    It was really perfect

  243. iman says:

    very good . thank you

  244. Mozhdeh says:

    This is perfect

  245. meysam says:

    Hello..very god

  246. mahboobeh says:

    Excellent. Tanks a lot. Best regards

  247. Kazhal says:

    Perfect , nice , wondefull

  248. Yokabed says:

    Besiyar zibast very very nicce
    Big likeeeee be hamchin madar

  249. maryam says:

    very nice and very good… ecxelent… tanks … good luck..

  250. jusa says:

    Very very very good and very butiful

  251. Maedeh says:

    Aaaaaliii bod,mahshare

  252. Maedeh says:

    Aaaaliiii bod,mahshare

  253. alma says:

    Hello how are you
    I ,congratulate to you…
    I, m ager to resive another photo graphi, s

  254. Ahmad reza says:


  255. naziii says:


  256. saeed says:

    . .•°“°•

  257. masoum says:

    Very very bieutful

  258. kave says:

    very nic…biglike

  259. iffa says:

    Awesome! Wonderful!

  260. fahimeh says:


  261. pouran says:


  262. pyua says:

    شقایق اینجا من خیلی غریبم آخه اینجا کسی عاشق نمیشه، اسیر قفل سنگین سکوتم لبی که قصه گو بوده همینه شقایق آخرین عاشق تو بودی

  263. Rana says:

    Wow! What incredible and wonderful exhibition. This mom is great artist. Her dreams are very fantastic and amasing.

  264. Perrin says:

    Fantastic! So Creative mother!

  265. aryan says:

    Hi this is a good design.thank you

  266. katrin says:

    It’s great!!!!!

  267. mary says:

    very very like
    big like
    i love u

  268. saigan says:

    Wonderful artist!

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