The most famous and tallest waterfall in Iran

The most famous and tallest waterfall in Iran , Few people in the world who doesn’t know Niagara waterfall located near the America and Canada border and Iguazo waterfall in Argentina , But where is the most famous and tallest waterfall in Iran ?  ” The Laton waterfall ” with 105 meters height , is located in 15 kilometers distance to Astara city , in Londovil city and Kota Kumeh village .

This waterfall is known as one of the 30 highest and tallest and the most scenic waterfalls in the world , and this waterfall is four seasons .

The height of the upper main latrine is 105 meters with the width of 5 meters , and the lower Latrine with 65 meters and with the width 10 meters .

the beauty of the green nature of Talesh’s forest which is so famous among the people will be completed by this tall and beautiful waterfall .

The volume of water of this waterfall is different in four seasons , But there are enough water in this waterfall .

The Laton waterfall is visible from a distance of 500 meters .

There are plum , Quince , walnut , hazel and prunus trees around this waterfall , and the forest is green for 9 months in year

This waterfall stems from the mountain range of  Espains and flowing to Londovil river and steeply flows to Caspian sea


waterfall a

waterfall b waterfall c


waterfall d


waterfall e


waterfall f

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