The simple solutions but effective in Cancer prevention

Statistics indicate increasing  cancer in Iran . An iranian dies of stomach cancer , every 66 minutes .

40000 People die per year as a result of cases of cancer . In fact , this statistics is very shocking . Unfortunately ,

Iranian people are less likely to visit a doctor , and when the disease progresses, It is so difficult to treat the cancer .

The experts believe that , if the cancer is diagnosed early , it is treatable and controlable .

The experts say the main causes of cancer are lack of exercise and movement , smoking , following , fat diet

and weight gaining , the use of processed foods , neglect to exercise  and living with stress .

Therefore the experts conclude that avoiding from smoking , safe nutrition  , use plenty of fruits and vegetables ,

Physical activities , going to  the doctor on time , following the proper nutrition and lifestyle , will  decrease 30% percent of

Cancer-Causing  factors …..

cancer a
cancer c

cancer d


cancer e


cancer f

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