Why you should have Banana In your food diet

ctouvyibuonio One of the fruits that can find almost all year long in the stores is Banana. Most of the people also love this fruit. It doesn’t have a sever allergy problem like other foods. All and all, Banana is one of those super food fruits and here are couple of more reasons that you should keep eating this fruit.

Banana is a sugary fruit for those of us who love their daily dose of sugar. But at the same time, its sugar isn’t a harmful sugar and in moderation even will help you lose weight too.

Banana is mostly built of fibers. These fibers after consumption, will absorb liquids inside your stomach which in turn will increase the time your stomach needs to process food. Therefore, you will feel full longer and hey, less eating is equal to less calorie and in the end smaller belly.

Banana is a rich source of potassium. This mineral will protect you from a range of disease, most importantly heart problems.

Therefore, we suggest after you talked with your diet specialist, add enough amount of Banana to your dietary regime.

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