Zidane and his sons’Free fall from an airplane

Talk about the talismans in the soccer world would be incomplete without mentioning the name of much skilled and talented Zeinedine Zidane

truely he is one of the greatest players in the history of football ….

the nickname of him was Zizou

he was a master at the fundamentals and techniques of the game. Zidane is known for his great controlling and dribbling skills , focussed vision and great leadership traits

he has had an amazing career graph with a win each at the Fifa world cup (1998) and Euro(2000) with France






He Was even awarded the 2006 Fifa world cup golden ball on his retirement for his outstanding contribution to the game .

He was born on June 23 ,1972 and now is as a coach of the second team of Real Madridin division 3 of Football

The news of Spain free fall of Zidane and his sons of an airplane causes the attention of medias to him

Zidane with his sons (Enzo , Luca and Teo ) experienced this exciting fall

the considerable attention is that Enzo Zidane (19 years old) plays football in the C team of Real Madrid zidaned






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